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BREAKING: UNILAG SHUTDOWN …Students Protest Over Blackout, Water Shortage And Fuel Scarcity

Authorities of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) on Thursday ordered the immediate closure of the institution ‎following students’ protests over epileptic power supply and poor water supply.

The school in a circular said the closure was also due to the difficulties faced by the “large number of students” living off campus to attend classes as a result of the lingering fuel crisis.

“Senate noted that the problem of poor municipal service is a national issue that the governments at both state and federal level are addressing,” the circular stated.

The university management said it was suspending all academic activities on campus to forestall further breakdown of law and order. It also ordered the students to vacate their halls of residence on or before 10am on Friday, April 8, 2016.

“A decision to re-open for normal academic activities will be made as soon as municipal services improve.

“All members of the University community are enjoined to go about their normal activities as adequate security measures have been put in place,” the circular added.

Students of the institution embarked on an “epic” protest over what they termed “disrespect and continuous evasive methods the school management has adopted over time”

A statement by the Students’ Union said: “Now is the time to act. We need water. We want judicious supply of power! Sodeinde Hall must be opened.”

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