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According to source and with all these online reports, it’s obvious and ridiculous that a governor will stood so low to propagate; fake lifestyle, fake news and even led his people into confusion.
However, this attitude of his led to his misconduct in China recently.
Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state is not one to conform to popular expectations of how a governor should conduct himself. Since he began his second tenure as governor in 2014, he has repeatedly shown he cares little about being the odd one among his peers.
Thursday, the governor made the news for writing a letter to the Chinese government to stop its plan to lend Nigeria $2billion for infrastructure. His position was that Nigeria would rather benefit from a technology transfer.
The governor who refers to himself as a “man of the people” is presently the talking point on various social media platforms after his media adviser, Lere Olayinka shared pictures purportedly taken while Fayose addressed Chinese businessmen at a train station.
Olayinka, while posting the pictures on Facebook, wrote: “Gov Fayose at the Multinationals Sourcing Service Centre, PAzhou Trade Complex, Guangzhou, China, talking with some Chinese (sic) businessmen and others on the need to support and empower Nigeria majorly (sic) in technological transfer as a trade partner without over committing a (sic) ailing economy like ours.”

In the pictures shared by Olayinka, the Ekiti state governor is seen dressed in blue blazers and jeans appearing to speak to an audience many metres away, probably unaware of his presence and seemingly uninterested in his ‘speech’. The rostrum also does not bear any insignia nor hold any microphone as would be expected of a conference setting.

Comments under the Facebook post condemned the governor’s spokesman for being economical with the truth.

Meanwhile, research also revealed that that wasn’t a conference hall rather a train station.
Uhunnnn! Which way Nigeria?

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