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·       The leader in kids’ animation challenges learners in Nigeria to create the next Cartoon Network prankster
·       Competition to start Friday, 25 March
·       500 schools in Nigeria to take part

Cartoon Network is proud to announce the launch of the Imagination Studios Awards competition in Nigeria on the 25th of March. This initiative encourages primary school students in the country to explore their artistic talents while also having lots of fun!
Cartoon Network and DStv will target 500 schools in Nigeria, encouraging primary and secondary grades to get involved by handing out toolkits to their art teachers as part of a special class! Winning students, on top of their prize, will be able to earn their school a cash prize to fund art supplies.
This year’s theme being humour and comedy, children from Nigeria and the rest of the continent will be asked to create the next CN prankster in order to make their favorite characters laugh! To be so hilarious that even the most stoic of them all, Ice Bear from Cartoon Network’s latest success We Bare Bears, cannot help but crack a smile!
After finding inspiration on the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios website, children from nine to fourteen years old can participate by inventing a fun, ‘prankster” figure, having the possibility of entering through three different categories: Drawings, Stories or Films.
“The essence of the Cartoon Network brand lies within the uniqueness and authenticity of its productions: allowing artists to invent without constraints is what makes us a global leader in the creation of kids’ animation. With the Imagination Studios Awards, we want to give children the chance to express their creativity through whichever media they like best, whether it’s images, text or through a performance. “Says Pierre Branco, Vice President Southern Europe and Africa for Turner International.
By uploading their original creation on the Imagination Studios website before the 30th of April, participants stand the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and to see their creations brought to life on air, on Cartoon Network on DStv channel 301.
The Imagination Studios website – an online destination specially-created to provide a sneak-peek behind the scenes of the “real” Cartoon Network Studios has been giving children insight into the making of their favorite cartoons since December 2015.
Participants can consult the platform during the competition to receive tips and guidance into making their own character, animate and tell stories. The channel’s own artists and creators, such as Ben Bocquelet (The Amazing World of Gumball), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe) and many more will accompany them on their journey through the site which offers a wide range of activities including drawing, colouring, storyboarding, music, special effects, voiceover, movement and animation, leaving children well-equipped to begin working on their very own character creations.
“The website is an important milestone in the network’s commitment to helping children learn and develop their skills – using the channel’s affinity with young audiences to do so.” Concludes Branco.
The Cartoon Network Imagination Studios microsite is currently rolling out across Cartoon Network websites for country feeds in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

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