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Mother of one, a true believer, strong, motivated, self made and self discipline, ADERONKE AJENISE-ODUBORISA A.K.A ASHABI OLORISHA granted interview few months back but was misinterpreted by a website who speak ill of her person. However, the America base actress clear airs as she speaks on her estrange hubby, son, job and her Christian life. Read her interview below…

Good morning ma
Good morning darling brother
What's your take about the negative publication published on
OMG!, at first, I saw it as scandal from an evil genius turned journalist, though, the guy called me later & started begging begging begging, some evil elements that belong to the same team with the guy wrote their rubbish as comments!
 Later, I just came to sense that....ADE, don't you know that this guy has given you more fame bcos what DADDI-GOD told me was "my enemies will come in thousands & fall in billions."
Many globally recognized celebrities have gone through worst than that.
You were the one that interviewed me then & there was no discussion of husband or whatsoever, then how on earth would this guy twist the interview?
Let’s just forget about that bcos the man that owns the world is GLORIOUSLY involved in my life.
Will you like to clear the air about your son's father? What went wrong?
Oh yes! What do you want to know about him?
Ok then!
My son's dad is Sunday Olumuyiwa Adeyemi. He was in the world before, He ABANDONED me & my son then, he later came apologized. He even told me in 2009 that he went to Jerusalem to pray for forgiveness (I can give you his numbers to call him & clarify). He is now a great minister of GOD & I have ever since forgiven him bcos "Forgiveness is divine".
We are now good friends & confidants for the sake of that "GLORIOUSLY SON" of ours!
I was even the one that begged his son to forgive him (when you call him, you can ask him all this, he will not lie), I told my son, you have to "Let go & Let GOD", he is your dad no matter what, if I die before him & you are not in good times with him, that means you will be living without "A father & mother" whereas your dad is alive.
I don't encourage women that blocked their "ex" from seeing the kids between them or talk evil about their "ex" in the presence of d kids.
We cannot cut off the father from the child except the woman knows in her mind that the child or children is not fully his.
Most men are the most living evil on earth but, can we do without them?
I relate with my son's dad like brother & sister now & his son loves him dearly & greatly now which makes me "A fulfilled & glorious mum". GOD has been so wonderful in my life.

In what way as the negative publication affect you?
It wanted to affect me negatively but GOD in his GLORIOUS doing instantly turned it to "GLORIOUS BLESSINGS & CONNECTIONS".
Most women in this part of the world don't believe in talking or having anything to do with their ex, what motivated you ma?
Oh yes, if you look at what most of us women went through in hands of this evil genius men, one will not even want to come across anybody with their looks or name but can we fight the battle ourselves?
The kids will still carry their father's name not our name, ok let me tell an instance....
My nephew's mum changed his name, blocked my brother from seeing the guy for 25yrs, now the guy relate with his dad GLORIOUSLY well, now, who lose?( we will not lose on our kids IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN).
My advice to single mums is just to let go & let God for the sake of those kids because one day one day, they will look for their dads themselves.

You celebrated your 52nd birthday recently, believing me, you look 35, what's the secret?
Uhunnn! I believe you because anyone with God has it all.
Any new project from Ashabi Olorisha?
Oh yes! But coded for now!
Alright, but little tips from the iceberg will go a long way.
It is a very big project involving "Canada, U.S, England & Africa"
Wow! Then, we should say, it's a multi-million naira/dollar project
Yes but sponsored!
Good. Ma, what's your take about domestic violence in this part of the world?
Devil’s work at his best because we are in the "End Time" as the bible said "Strange things will happen, wife against husband, father against son, husband against wife, country against country" but, as for me Aderonke Adedola Abosede, I will walk out of it.
Any serious relationship?
In the next few years, where do you see yourself?
Where GOD want me to be!
Which of the movie guild do you belong and what has been their activities/impact in the US?
No movie guild in U.S, we only have Theatre-Arts professionals association like TAMPPAN. U.S is very big, each state just do its own thing according to the law of the state
What about piracy, is there any in the USA?
Yes now, piracy is everywhere but it been very well managed and control here.
Is there any intention or plan of getting married again?
I will not speak for GOD bcos "MY LIFE is in his hand"
Increase in dollar, what's your take?
Is the importers in Nigeria that are making life unbearable for the masses but some enemies of progress in that country put the blame on the Federal Gov't, the federal govt want us to manufacture our goods locally, use our natural resources as we are greatly blessed but importers are not helping.
All is well ma... nice chatting with you.
Thank U & have a great weekend
You too madam.

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