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FRSC Boss, Boboye Oyeyemi in Trouble Over Alleged NMultiMillion Fraud

FRSC Boss, Boboye Oyeyemi
For those who have been following events from the office of the Corp Marshal of the Federal Road Safety, Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, it will agreed that these are not the best times for the man most of his officers address and call ‘The Oga with a passion to enslave his men’.  Aside making series of illegal deductions from salaries and allowances of his men at will such as the controversial N6,000 allegedly deducted from over 20,000 men and officers of Federal Road Safety Corp totalling N120,000,000, there have been other allegations of other deductions purportedly for a compulsive Cooperative.  It would be recalled that these deductions have continued until the officers raised alarm and threatened a showdown with the Road Safety ranks.

Smartly as alleged, Boboye upon learning that the officers were going public and knowing that the accusations are wealthy and could nail him in the face of the new anti-corruption wave immediately set up a committee that will convince the officers that all the deductions being made from their salaries and allowances would be kept in a specific account as their contribution in the Corp’s Cooperative.  The officers were said to have turned down the entreaties on the ground that all deductions should have been officially communicated to officers and men prior to the deductions and they queried why the committee only came into existence after many months of the illegal deductions. ‘Why will they hurriedly set up a committee when we raised alarm and brought the issue of illegal deductions from our salaries to public knowledge?  Do you know that shortly after these issues were made known to the public, our Oga subjected all of us to Secret Oat Taking which shows a man who is desperate to cover his wrongs, cow and gag the lips of his men.  But we cannot fold our hands in this democratic dispensation and watch one man increase the size of his pocket through our sweat’.  One Senior Officer blasted.

Similarly, it was alleged that recently, 500 drivers and riders sent to Kaduna State for Labour Trade Test had their salaries deducted by N16,300 even though the training was at the instance of the Corp. ‘How on earth will you deduct N16,300 and other illegal deductions from Officer salaries in a month?  How much do you think would be left of the salary when most of us are family people with responsibilities.  What is the N16,300 about when it was office that sent them on the training.  For goodness sake, the Corp should be the one to bear the cost and not the already impoverished officers.  Must they always be exploited because of one man’s untamed appetite for wealth’? One of the Senior Marshals who does not want his name mentioned questioned.

Our investigation revealed that to further cow his men, Boboye aside subjecting them to Secret Oat Taking has a room he uses as ‘Valley of Torture’.  When our team visited the said ‘Torture Room’ located between the Road Safety Building and the NFF building, we were astonished to see an inoperative ATM room that belonged to UBA Bank.  The interior {see picture} hosts many knives, arms and other torture tools including an electric switch which is used to drill any officer to speak the truth.  ‘This place has been used to torture us.  You are made to sleep, urinate and possibly pass excreta here.  Oga’s ‘hit men’ will plug a device in this switch and drill you more especially when it is believed that you’re a dissenter’.  As you can see, it belonged to UBA Bank and when UBA left, our Oga turned it to a ‘Valley of Torture’.  You will never pray to be kept here for a minute not to talk of hours and days.

Invariably, the death of the Amiable Minister of Labour, James Ocholi, his wife and son has revealed that Nigerian Road Safety Corp looks like an agency that preaches safety they don’t practice.  An aggrieved officer of the road safety has once alleged that Corp Marshal’s interest looks more like raking in funds from the offenders without any attempt at sustaining correctional and re-orientational programmes for road users and other stake holders.  Otherwise, how can one believe that Boboye could shot himself in the leg by publicly admitting that the Driver of Late James Ocholi had no drivers licence.  In this 21st century, it is disheartening that the Road Safety despite their daily road blocks allow people to drive our highways without drivers’ licence.  Road Safety officers are part of the entourage of these leaders and politicians yet they cannot enforce order and discipline to save their own lives and that of other road users.

Efforts by our reporter to reach the commission’s Head of Media Relations and Strategy, Bisi Kazeem, to comment on the allegations proved futile as his mobile number was not available as at press time.   -Source: 247reports.

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