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Otunba Dr. Gani Adams

I am yet again constrained to react to a purported press conference organized by some former state coordinators of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), who were recently dismissed from the congress for acts bordering on indiscipline, anti-congress activities and outright corruption.
According to reports in a national daily, the former coordinator for Kwara State, Moruf Salami, along with former coordinators for Ondo and Oyo states, alleged that I collected N9billion from former President Goodluck Jonathan, that I collected 22 million dollars from the late Libyan president, Mummar Ghadaffi, I am disrespectful to Yoruba obas and urging the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC) to investigate me for these alleged crimes.
Ordinarily, I would have, as I have done for a long time, ignored these allegations as a ranting of a disgruntled set of people. But, you will agree with me that a lie told over time without any effort to disprove it will begin to take the form of truth.
Therefore, it is for this reason that I have decided to make this explanation, one to disprove all their lies and secondly, to prove that they and their sponsors are the real thieves.
For a better understanding of the matter, I want to take their allegations one after the other:
22 million dollars from Ghadaffi
All my life, I have never set my foot on the soil of Libya, neither did I meet the late Ghadaffi or his agent at any time. Let me state here that when this issue first came up, I took it upon myself to write a petition to the State Security Service (SSS), informing them of the allegation and pleading with the Service to help investigate its source in order to get to the root of the matter. As I speak with you, I am still awaiting the response to my petition. Having said that, I want to once again plead with the SSS to, as a matter of urgency, make sure that these people who have alleged me of this grave crime are made to prove the source of their allegation, and if they are not able to do so, should be made to face prosecution for their actions. It is important to explain this, because, by my understanding, it is more than four years now that the Libyan leader died. They should explain what the money is meant for and how it was sent to me. Such huge amount of money cannot be transferred to an individual secretly, so they need to do more explanation on how I allegedly received this money. I am not a war mercenary, and I am not sure that Ghadaffi was a Father Xmas who would want to give out such money as a gift. Our organization is a peaceful socio-cultural group, with the sole aim of promoting the cultural heritage of Yoruba race.

N9 billion from Goodluck Jonathan
This particular allegation is particularly laughable. That somebody would believe this story is, not only a woeful display of ignorance, but also a pathetic. Despite the poor state of the nation’s economy, the sum of N9billion is a huge amount that I am not sure that, even each gubernatorial candidates of the PDP got from the presidency to prosecute their campaigns. So, while it can be pardoned that somebody came  up with the story, it is surely unpardonable and gullible of anybody to believe it. However, for a better understanding of the source of the story, you will recall that it was the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, who as the spokesperson of the APC at the time, came up with the allegation that the former president gave me N9 billion. Mohammed’s allegation at the time was that we received the money as payment for the pipeline surveillance contract. He said the money was for us to prosecute the election. His allegation was shortly after our protest against the former INEC chairman’s distribution of PVCs, which we felt was skewed in favour of the north at the time. And to the glory of God, all the fears we raised during the protest were proved during the elections. Mohammed’s allegations have also been proved to be false. It is on record that we have not received any kobo from the government as payment for the pipeline contract. Such allegation coming from a person who today occupies the office of the nation’s minister of information is rather unfortunate and sad.
Being disrespectful to Yoruba obas
This particular allegation is not only puerile, but also shows the level of mischief of these people. Without any fear of contradiction, I stand to say I am one of the best Yoruba sons who has cultivated, promoted and maintained a very good relationship with all obas in Yorubaland. It is on record that, through the singular efforts of our organization, and to a large extent, my personal commitment to the ideals of ensuring the unity of Yorubaland and ensuring the peaceful coexistence of Yoruba people all over the world, I have worked tirelessly crisscrossing the south west region and promoting one cultural festival or the other. They alleged that I only bowed to our revered father, His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi. Definitely, nothing can be farther from the truth than this. According to a popular Yoruba proverb, Mo sun moba niwon egbeje, mo jinna soba niwon egbefa, arobafin loba n pa.
N1.6billion from Obanikoro
They also alleged that I received the sum of N1.6billion from the former minister of state for defence, Musiliu Obanikoro. To the best of my knowledge, the last time that I saw the former minister was when he accompanied the former president to the National Confab during the inaugural speech by the former president. They need to explain to the world how I got the money and for what purpose it was meant for.
Let me put the records straight here. I am neither a politician nor a member of the PDP. I have said it several times in the past that our support for the former president during the election was based on our belief as a group that he stood a better chance of implementing the recommendations of the National Confab, which we believed, and still believe for serve the interest of the Yoruba race better. I tell you, anything outside this is a lie and mere fabrication of those alleging it.
And for Moruf Salami and his cohorts, I am sure that truth shall prevail. Long before the National Coordinating Council decided to expel them from the congress, members of the organization in those states have consistently leveled various allegations, ranging from indiscipline to corruption against them. Rather than try to prove their innocence, these people have come up with these allegations. Of course, none of these is new to me. Despite all their efforts to rubbish my time-tested reputation and integrity, God, in His grace, has always stood by me and uplifted me. I am convinced that He will again vindicate me.
But let me inform you that a new coordinator will emerge for Kwara State tomorrow. I will not continue to join issues with Salami and the others. It may amount to an elephant fighting against an ant. Therefore, the new coordinator will be in a better position to answer some questions regarding the activities of Salami in the state.
Thank you.

Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams
National Coordinator,
Oodua People’s Congress

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