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DON'T SOW SEED OF DISCORD BETWEEN YORUBA – Otunba Gani Adams Warns Benin Chief

The National Coordinator of Oodua Peoples ‘Congress. OPC, Otunba Gani Adams has called on the Chiefs of Benin Kingdom to steer clear from making unhistorically balanced statement capable of upsetting the socio- cultural chord of brotherhood between the children of Oduduwa and the Week the great
Otunab Adams who made this observation in response to the lingering controversy stoked by a purported claim of the origin of Yoruba churned out by a Chief from the palace of Oba of Benin .said that “such poorly researched, lacking in historical credibility could be inflammatory and set the two nobles race against each other
He pointed out that the relationship between the Yoruba Omo Oduduwa and the Edo is rooted in history which is shrouded in mystery in other to keep the two vibrant nations together and oil the chord of communal relationship for ever .

Otunba Adams said “Even, though some writers of historical documents about the relationship and chord of brotherhood between the two have allowed personal sentiments and pecuniary consideration to overrule their sense of judgement, clarity, fairness, objectivity and harmonious cohabitation. And the purported statement from an high chief of Benin belong to this trend “
He remarked that “We should not indulge in diluted information coined by agents of destabilization which emphasised those things that divide us instead of talking of those things that unite us “

Otunba Adams said , whatever angle  or point of view any writer come out of this discourse on fact remain constant that there is a bond of relationship which is mot fleeting but fundamentally essential between the Yoruba Omo Oodua and the Edo Omo Eweka the Great “
He appealed to the traditional institution s in Benin and Ile –Ife to be wary of palace chief who are only out to pitch the two noble royal houses against each other by their sheer impetuosity and face service”

Otunba Adams commended the royal sagacity and visionary posture of the Ooni of IFE, His Imperial Majesty, and Oba Enitan Adeyeye Babatunde Ogunwusi   not only at remaining calm, but at having refused to dignify the sender of those ill research statements with any response
“I must also commend the political maturity and sagacity being displayed by the Imperial Majesty , Oba Enitan Adeyeye Babatunde Ogunwusi , Ojaja 11 who has been consistent in his PEACE  DIPLOMACY SHUTTLE  among the traditional Obas in Yoruba land which has kicked – off a brand new era of harmonious relationship among the Obas in the south – west “

Otunba Adams warned the scripter of divisive statements, the procurer of false history and the spreader of ill – researched historical fallacy to put a stop in their unholy act and allow peace, unity, harmony and era of brotherly interaction take control among the Obas in the south west including their sibling in Edo State.
We are warning them to “stop sowing seed of discord among the Omo Oduduwa and their siblings in Edo State.

Otunba (Dr) Gani Adams
National Coordinator, Oodua People’s Congress

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