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Don't get it twisted na inside movie... anyway, Nollywood star actress, Ariyo Oluwaseyi Esther popularly known as Shebaby gathered notable actors and actresses recently in her new motion picture title, AYE ALAYE (Shapeshifter). Aye Alaye it is a game of survival of the fittest for a lady called, Kunbi. Kubi opted to achieve wealth regardless of the path chosen without considering the consequences. Realizing she got set to live out the classy life but catastrophically got betrayed by her most trusted friend, soul mate and fiancée Kunle. She weathered the storm and in disguise was back to retrieve all that belonged to her from the callous fellow. Little did she know that this inestimable fortune has long ceased to be in the lone custody of her ex-boyfriend. As it, she has now become the cynosure of so many individuals who would stop at nothing to acquire it. Lies, deceit, fear, betrayal and murder comes to play as this fortune seemed to drift further away from Kunbi the harder she struggled to repossess her lost treasure.

However, not minding all her challenges during the production of the world class motion picture, Shebaby speaks about troubles faced during the production.

“Well, challenges as a saying goes, is one of the things one must face and overcome to become bigger, better and stronger in whatever field of choice one ventures into. One of the major challenges I faced in the production of the movie is the search for glamorous houses and latest vehicles. Another major challenge that I experienced was the need for police officers to come on set. Not to be ignored is also the challenge of timing amongst the thespians, when one is available another might be on set for another movie location. So it was quite tasking trying to make them all available at a particular time and day for their shoot. Lastly is the population of fans around who wouldn't leave until they get so close to their star celebrities on sighting them. This created so much rowdiness and noise in the neighborhood.

AYE ALAYE (Shapeshifter), is produced by Shebaby productions, Marketed by Toymax films holdings.

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