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“Why I Spent $1Million in 45 Minutes” – Famous Basketballer Shaquille O'Neal

 "The first thing I wanted to do was relieve my parents of their jobs, I (spent) a million dollars in about 45 minutes, but it was well worth it."
"My momma is happy, her house is paid for; she had the car that she knows she would never get in her dreams, a Mercedes-Benz. My father (had) one, I had one. I was good," O'Neal says, reflecting on the overnight lifestyle upgrade that affects young professionals in the world's best paying league.

The most dominant player in the league during his prime, O'Neal would go on to make a further $291 million in NBA salary alone, according to, while earning four titles before settling into life as an studio analyst for TNT's "Inside the NBA."

"But now you have to educate yourself on how to maintain that, and a lot of people don't do that."

Off the court, O'Neal was also a prolific earner as he starred in movies and released rap albums, while endorsing a bevy of products including Reebok, Burger King and Pepsi.

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