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Top Socialite, Abbey Onas Clear Air “I’ve Never Assaulted Anybody In My Life”

Youthful entrepreneur and top socialite, Abiodun Onasanya popularly known as Abbey Onas is the chairman of ZGM LTD and ENERGIO OIL & GAS NIG LTD. The renowned oil and gas merchant whose giant strides in the sector has opened so many business opportunities for the organization both home and abroad is not leaving any stone unturned.
The agile and well built soft spoken dude is not just a hard worker who believes in teamwork, he has a very humble personality and this reflects in the way and manner with which he relates to people regardless of their social stands.
Recently, the amiable gentleman of many part was wrongfully accused of assaulting one Mr Idowu Salawu at an event held on October 11, 2014 at the Grandeur Event Center, Ikeja, Lagos and he was charged to court.
After some investigation, we learnt the same Mr Idowu Salawu went back to court to withdraw the case claiming it was a mistake of identity.

According to Abbey Onas “Yes, I saw the story and i was surprised when i was alleged of assaulting one Mr Idowu Salawu who happen to be my friend. Though, he has withdraw the case from court after he realized i wasn’t the one. But i was astonished to see it on some social media and blogs that I was arrested for assaulting someone which never happen. The truth is that, I’ve never assaulted anybody in my life because i’m a law abiding citizen and i know what law says about fundamental human right. So, to set the record straight, I did not assault anybody, in fact it was the same Mr Salawu that went to court to withdraw the case and even wrote an apology letter to me through his lawyer. Aside that, I learnt they said I’m a member of one Abe Igi Anu Club. The only club I belong to is International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.”

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