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[PICTURE] 65-Yr-Old, Mother of Twins Killed by Drunken-Cop Cries Out - “I’ve Been Stripped Naked” ...+DECEASED’S BROTHER MISSING FOR 10-YEAR NOW +FATHER DIED 10-MONTHS AGO


Seventy-five-year-old Beatrice Oyesolu, the mother of twin brothers shot dead on Saturday by a trigger-happy policeman guarding Paulson Hotel on Anibaba Street, Ketu-Ikosi, Lagos, says the promises her children made to her had been shattered.
The septuagenarian said the children ─ Taiye, a naval officer and Kehinde, an engineer ─ had concluded plans to start building her a house next month before the tragedy struck.
The twin brothers, aged 34, who hailed from Oro, Kwara State, were bachelors.
The drunken policeman, Stephen James, with Force number 217884, had opened fire on the brothers and their friend, Jeje, who was celebrating his birthday on the fateful day. The trio had cautioned him to stop harassing customers, who reportedly declined to buy him bottles of beer.
James, said to be a drug addict and notorious for shooting sporadically, killed the twins and their friend before he shot himself dead.
It took entreaties from residents around the hotel to stop the angry mob who wanted to set the facility on fire.
Sympathisers thronged a house in the community, where the twins’ mother, who lived in Mile 12, was brought to. The sympathisers rallied round her as she cried uncontrollably.
She said, “I just came back from church yesterday when they broke the news of their death to me. The government should help me because Taiye and Kehinde were the only hope I have. I have been stripped naked because they are my clothes. Who will I turn to now?
“They promised me a lot of things next year. They wanted to start building a house on my parcel of land next month. This is the seventh month after the death of their father.”
The aunt of the deceased, Mrs. Afusat Salaudeen, said the death was a big loss to the entire family.
She said, “They were very caring. They were the ones sponsoring their elder brother’s son who is in a polytechnic. That brother had been missing for 10 years now. They were easy-going persons.”
Beatrice’s sister, identified only as Iya Ijesha, said, “They were God-fearing children. They never let their mother lack anything.”
The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, during a visit to the scene of the crime on Sunday condemned the act of the late officer, saying it betrayed the ethics preached by the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase.


  1. The Nigeria Police must accept the blame and see to this mothers future.
    If his colleagues knew he was unstable and neither reported him or contained him to prevent his excesses, they too should be heavily sanctioned.
    The police cannot give mentally unstable officers weapons and allow them interact with the innocent public. It must take care of its mentally sick staff and stop this incessant murder suicides!!
    Not long ago it will be recalled that a policeman traced his wife to their landlady and killed them before committing suicide too..

  2. This is unbelievable... wonder what this country is turning into...


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