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Aderonke a.k.a Ashabi Olorisha

Born 50-something years ago into a royal family in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Ajenise-Oduboria of ADEGORUSHEN Royal Family. Aderonke is a beautiful, highly intelligent, motivated, courageous and independent woman. Born into a well respected and comfortable family of six, 1st daughter and the 2nd child of the family, Aderonke left the shore of Nigeria to seek more knowledge and to understand more about culture, lifestyle, and security in disposal despite her great impact in the Nigeria showbiz before her departure. Her roles in the rested NTA Soap operas Village Headmaster, Tales by Moonlight & SPACS can never be over emphases. However, all these qualities makes shybellmedia’s CEO, Idris Bello fish her out from her United States of America based. Meanwhile, Aderonke has featured in several movies apart from Soaps. Moreso, Ashabi Olorisha brought her back into limelight few years ago. The cool, cute mother of one speaks extensively on her career, home, project and future via phone interview… Read more below

Aderonke a.k.a Ashabi Olorisha
Good noon madam, please can we meet you?

And who is Aderonke?
ADERONKE is very loving, humble, Caring & Go-Getter of a woman.
What does Aderonke do for a living?
I am presently studying for an associate in criminal-justice & working as a Security Personnel in USA, but still fully into my Primary career (ACTING)
Acting! What is acting to you?
Acting is me! Because it’s my life!
How did you find yourself in acting or was it acting that found you?
Humm! My brother, it’s not a jolly ride but I give God the glory. Let me start from the begging, I was a very very out-spoken & intelligent girl as child to my parent. My dad (Baba-Aade) love me like his heart. I was my dad's personal assistant; he takes me any where & always proud of me. He loves me more than anybody in the family even more than my mum.
My dad wants me to be a lawyer, but as GOD will have it, I got into acting through his best friend.
Late Leke Ajao (Kokosari) was my dad’s friend. He will come to our house with Araosan as his apprentice then @ 38, Lagos Street Ebute metta in Lagos State,
Baba Kokosari introduced me to acting in 1977 then I was still in secondary school, Nigeria Peoples High school, Kano Street, Ebute Metta. Then we all used to assembled @ Simpson/Glover street (Domicillary Center) along with some members of Omo Awode Theater group. However, from Simpson street, we later moved to my school, Nigeria Peoples High School (Nigerpecco), at 40-46 Kano street Ebute metta, where we do practice after the close of school, mostly in the evening. This helped me so much in school as a member of Dramatic Society & that was when Baba Kokosari invited some of us to Village Headmaster Audition, I went, saw and conquer (lol).

Seun and his mum

To my uttermost surprise, I got a role & became part & parcel of Village Headmaster where I met my darling sister Funke Adepegba. I was much into Village Headmaster & some Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) soap like SPACS created by DANLADI BAKO & Tales by Moonlight etc. By the time the Village Headmaster was rested in 90s, I was in the working class, so I was on & off in the acting. Thou, I was still getting jobs through Late Justus Esiri and Enebeli Elebua who really believe in me (both I met while in Village Headmaster.
I came back fully into acting in 1994 through Late Muyideen Agboola Alade Aromire, whom I met a PR meeting and he invited me, the rest is now "A GLORIOUS STORY"

When did you leave d shore of Nigeria?
"Finally 2003"
Is Aderonke married?
NO but not searching!
Your acting career, how many movies apart from soap have you done so far?
Can you name a few?
Ashabi Olorisha, Why me?, Oyin ni, Oke Langbodo, Akeweje, Ebiti, Imported lomo, Omo ya'lo, America Jollomy, Angelina, Olaniyonu, Alani Canselor, Malomo, Ewe ori-Omo... & More More
Which out of all the movies brings you into limelight?
"Ashabi Olorisha"

Ashabi Olorisha on location in USA

Ashabi olorisha was released when?
Year 2000
After Ashabi Olorisha you moved to London, what went down in London?
Yes, GOD founded the "Then ANTP", London through me & many hiding talents and stars were discovered.
And what has ANTP been up to in London?
Then, it was accepted by all Africans in UK even the Nigeria Embassy recognized us.
I learn you have a son, how old is he?
Yes, He's 21. His name is Michael Oluwaseun Opeyemi
Is he a British citizen?
Yes, but born in Nigeria
Ashabi Olorisha steps out
What is he doing in UK? Moreso, seem you live in the USA, What’s the separation all about?
He is a footballer & he’s still in school.
I live in USA thou. When I was relocating to U.S, he refused to come with me because he has been more into his football career, moreso, he loves UK because of its low rate of youth crime compare with U.S
What is Ashabi Olorisha's next project in the USA and is she thinking of coming home soon?
Ashabi is coming home next year (2016) by GOD's grace for a "Blockbuster movie & A Project"
Can you let the cat out of the bag a little, what’s the project all about?
There is a "BIG EVENT" coming up in U.S next year powered & packaged by Fathia entertainment which I happened to be the "PRO of that Project". The project is bringing me & the president of Fathia entertainment to Nigeria because it involved ‘Legends’ of different sectors in Nigeria and few other continents.
Fathia entertainment, who is the brain behind it?
Olawale Yusuff
Is he a US base too?
How is the Nigeria/Yoruba movies accepted in the US?
Greatly well!
Apart from been an actress, have you produce any movie before?
Yes, I produced one while I was in UK (IISE WON) Their Doings!
Producing in Nigeria and abroad, are their difference?
Yes ooh
Can you tell us in details?
Everybody in Nigeria is professional and devoted their time & life to their career not like here that we have to work Govt & Agency jobs to survive.
Do the governments support the movie industry in the US and if yes, how do they go about it?
Yes, they do if you do it legally, like having a registered firm.
Michael Oluwaseun Opeyemi and his team mates
If I may ask, what does it take to become an actress/actor considering your experience in Nigeria, UK and America?
Good sense of belonging, dedication and hard work. However, Nigerians are great and professional too, mostly now that we have the new formation of our great TAMPPAN with the intellectuals at helm of the affairs of it, compare with U.S that some of them are still practicing the OLDEN days kind of backbiting & hatred.
Do you have any upcoming actor/actress under your tutorial like the likes of Femi Adebayo and Funke Ade Akindele's institutes?
Yes, I have some here (USA), UK & Nigeria under the canopy of "DIVINE TOUCH ENTRAINMENT WORLD"
When was Divine touch entertainment established?
Since year 2000 with Femi Folademi & Michael Opeyemi Adeyemi
Michael Oluwaseun Opeyemi during training 
Are they, (Femi Folademi & Michael Opeyemi Adeyemi) co-finder of the organization or partners?
Does Divine Touch Entertainment have any major project?
Not yet
How many students do Divine Touch has under her tutorial?
We have 58 students all together now
Wow! That’s huge for a start, if I may ask, has Ashabi Olorisha been sexually harassed before on location been home or abroad?
Not at all!
How do you secure roles?
I think I merit most of them. Thou, it’s been God and I know am hard working and focused.
What has being the challenges so far as an actress both home and abroad?
Well, I have been relegated many ways, you know if you are a very bold & principled human being, you will have so many enemies; I have GOD so I don't care.
What will be your advice for the upcoming ones?
Do not rush, be yourself, don't Compromise.
Is nice chatting with you, looking forward to see you come back home soon.
Thank you my brother.

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