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Man of God Arrested For Fondling His Own Daughter

A 47-year-old Harare pastor with a local church has been accused of fondling his daughter. The man of God whose name is withheld to protect the alleged victim, has however denied the allegations.

More details concerning the indecent assault case will be heard when the trial is expected to start this Thursday. The pastor was remanded out of custody on $200 bail and the court also warned him not to interfere with witnesses in the matter, to report once a week to the nearest police station and to continue residing at an address he gave to the court.

The state led by prosecutor Stylon Marufu, alleges that from August to November this year, the Pastor would fondle his daughter’s breasts and he also touched her private parts taking advantage of her being alone.

Claims are that the pastor continued with his indecent acts several times until the girl aged 16 started to resist.

He then started to assault her for resisting and the girl is said to have opened up to her step mother and step brother that her father was abusing her. And the girl is also said to have told other relatives about the abuse.

The pastor allegedly kept on threatening his daughter telling her that he would continue assaulting her if she were to reveal the abuses. It is alleged he took an opportunity to flee from her father’s house and she went to her uncle’s where she narrated her ordeal.

An initial police complaint was made at Harare Central Police before it was moved to another police station leading to the arrest of the pastor.

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