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[Pictures] How Benin/Edo Girls Operate as Pro$titutes in Italy

Police control find a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute in the outskirt of Turin
Findings has it that, Nigerian women are being trafficked to Italy under the pretence that they will be working as nannies or in factories – but often end up working the streets as prostitutes.
Their plight has been highlighted by Paris-based photographer Elena Perlino, originally from Italy, who began to notice the presence of young African women working on the streets during her commutes from Turin.

Nigerian woman Fatima shows the scars on her body due to vicious fighting with collegues working as prostitutes in the outskirts of Acerra

She said: ‘I decided to start from this surreal vision to tell a story. I have been working on the topic for several years, focusing mainly on the Italian connection.’
Perlino reveals that many Nigerian women come to Italy hoping to make enough money from honest work as nannies or factory workers to support their families back home, but are tricked by traffickers into working in the sex trade.
Traffickers demand on average more than 50,000 euros (US $60,000) for travel expenses and accommodation, with the women Italian police review the documents of a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute having to work as prostitutes until their debts are paid off.
Eighty per cent of women trafficked to Italy come from Benin City, Edo State, in south Nigeria.

The photographer explained: ‘My work attempts to show a complex phenomenon that crosses Italy from North to South.
‘This involves many cities including Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome, Naples and Palermo and thousands of Nigerian and Italian people.’
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime declared Nigeria among the top eight countries with the highest human trafficking rates in the world.

More pictures after this cut....
Nigerian woman Fatima shows the scars on her body due to vicious fighting with colleagues working as prostitutes in the outskirts of Acerra

Nigerian women working as prostitutes in the North area of Turin

Nigerian women in a Catholic shelter for victims of trafficking

A Nigerian woman, working as a prostitute in the countryside, is taken to a police station because she was found without a passport

A Nigerian called Faith having a blood test at the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital in Turin


  1. The traffic has been on for over 30years now, only the extremely young (under 10yrs) or the obtusively naive girl in Edo and environs can honestly say they don't know what they are being taken to ITALO to do...
    Most of them actually negotiate for the best locations for sex trade and how much they will pay their traffickers before they go.. It is their only way out of the appalling poverty, lack of education and overcrowding in the villages they migrate from....

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